The Busam's
New Zealand Vacation
12-Nov-2002 to 13-Dec-2002

 We had an idyllic vacation to New Zealand, with a couple days in Sydney, Australia, on the way home.  Most of our time was spent outdoors on New Zealand's South Island but we traveled from near the bottom of the South Island to near the top of the North Island.  For people who love the outdoors and would prefer to spend more time in the countryside rather than in the cities, we suggest they put New Zealand on their must-see list.

This web site chronicles our trip.  It includes an overview of our trip, lots of pictures, personal comments from both of us, and a few tips that might make your trip to New Zealand more enjoyable.

Follow the links below to view the information of most interest to you.

Our New Zealand vacation report is still not final. It is mostly done, but some improvements are still on my to-do list. Please feel free to email me your comments and suggestions (see email link below).

Vince and Jennifer Busam
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Trip Overview

Map of our route

Vince's bungy jump


Vince's comments & tips

Jennifer's comments & tips

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