Dunn Family
Restricted Access

The information on this page is restricted for use only by descendants of James Eldred Dunn (b. 1884) and Lillie Came (b. 1884).  Any other use is strictly prohibited.  The reason for this security is concerns regarding both identity theft and spam.  So if you have access to this page, please do not give access to anyone who shouldn't have access.


For Dunn Family Pictures click here.  Send me your pictures for inclusion in this online album.  (If reasonable, please follow my naming conventions which use people name, left to right, where appropriate and the year, or approximate year, of the picture.  Please no spaces in the filename; use underlines as separators.)

Note:  Some of these pictures will take a while to download over dialup lines; check the file size to help you estimate download time.  You can save the pictures to your computer by right mouse clicking on the picture and selecting "Save Picture As..." from the popup menu.


Email addresses of grandchildren of James Eldred Dunn and Lillie Came:

Vincent A. Busam, son of Harriet Dunn
Nancy Provencher Kershner, daughter of Lillian Dunn Provencher jtaxnancy at sbcglobal.net
James Dunn, son of Earl Dunn jim.dunn at sbcglobal.net
Lucille Neininger Martino, daughter of Frances Dunn Neininger pmartino13 at attbi.com
Tony (Anthony) Busam, son of Harriet Dunn tbusam at worldnet.att.net
Thomas Provencher, son of Lillian Dunn Provencher Mijno at aol.com
John Dunn, Jr., son of John Dunn dunn at access.net
Sugar (Thelma Ethel) Kangas, daughter of Frances Dunn Neininger SUGABILL at AOL.COM

I'll also be glad to include email addresses of other descendants.  Just send me the name, relationship, and email address.

Family Tree

Click here to see an online family tree.

Volunteers needed to complete the tree for their family and to help fill in our ancestors.  Contact Vince if you can help.  The goal is to get all of the information in Aunt Annie's Genealogical Record online (and more).

The PAF (Personal Ancestral File) Windows program is being used to keep the family tree.  You can get a FREE copy of this program for your computer.  Click here to download the program.  Choose to download the latest version of Personal Ancestral File, which is version as of 3/26/03.

After you have the program installed, download the DunnFamily.paf data file which contains the genealogical information for the family.  Add or correct entries and please add notes about the individuals.  (Names and dates are boring.  The notes can contain information that makes the people interesting.)  When you are done, or at a good breaking point, email your updated DunnFamily.paf file to and he will merge your changes into the "master file".  It is also good to check with Vince before downloading the DunnFamily.paf file to make sure you get the latest file.  Click here to download DunnFamily.paf (just over 1M on 3/26/03).

General guidelines for entering family information:

1.  Enter as much information as possible under "Facts".  Use notes mostly for family stories.
2.  The online version of the family tree does not include marriage notes, so it is better to include this information under either the husband's or wife's notes.
3.  Place names are usually entered as "city, county, state, country".