Busam Family


This website contains information about the Busam family that is only intended for descendants of Josef Busam (born 1723).  Access to this information is password protected.  If you are a descendant of Josef Busam and wish to access this information, email and request the password.  In your email describe your relationship to Josef Busam.  The best way to do this is to include each of your ancestors up to, and including, Josef Busam.

If you have a password, click here to display the Busam family information.

When you access the private family information, you may get a security alert message regarding a certificate that can't be validated.  Go ahead and accept it.  It is issued by me to myself (www.busam.com) since I don't want to pay the money to get an official certificate.  You will then see a popup box asking for a userid and password for which you should enter those received from Vince Busam.