Trinity Alps Backpack Trip

July 25 to 28, 2004


We have done this trip three times together and Vince did it an additional time with Keith.  The weather was glorious and flowers were out in abundance!  Jennifer did a couple of watercolors along the way.

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Jintent.JPG (379623 bytes)  We left the trailhead at 5 p.m. Sunday hiked 3 miles to our campsite at the confluence of Swift Creek and Bear Creek. We had time to set up camp, make dinner and clean up just before dark.  Jennifer is getting out of the tent the next morning.

  SwiftCreekBridge.JPG (672156 bytes)  Swift Creek Bridge was partially washed out.   

  SwiftCreeksite.JPG (785717 bytes) Note our food in the "bear bag" in tree.

Day1Meadow.JPG (667113 bytes)  JwPak.JPG (743172 bytes)  VwPak.JPG (646904 bytes)  CurlUpFlower.JPG (798127 bytes)


The second day we passed through several meadows and had lunch at the pass between Bear Basin and Black Basin.

CragsDay2Meadow.JPG (573647 bytes)  Day2Meadow.JPG (752525 bytes) Flower.JPG (943400 bytes)  Day2Hill.JPG (637600 bytes)  Day2LunchView.JPG (533387 bytes)  Day2Peaks.JPG (610124 bytes) Flowers2.JPG (850757 bytes)  Day2Peaks2.JPG (655543 bytes)  Day2Peaks3.JPG (471605 bytes) Flowers3.JPG (817635 bytes)

Day2Peaks4.JPG (592302 bytes) GoingUpDay2.JPG (654882 bytes) MtShasta.JPG (595878 bytes) View of Mt. Shasta.


We hiked past Deer Creek Camp to our regular second night spot.  This was our longest day - about 7.5 hours of hiking.

PumpingWater.JPG (565773 bytes)  CragsAtDay2Site.JPG (569595 bytes)  CragsDay2Meadow.JPG (573647 bytes) OrangeFlower.JPG (437447 bytes)  Day2Clothesline.JPG (717915 bytes)  Day2Dinner.JPG (615319 bytes) OrangeFlower2.JPG (887152 bytes)  Day2Dinner1.JPG (590444 bytes) Day2Moon.JPG (372974 bytes) PurpleFlower.JPG (727744 bytes)

Day2Moon1.JPG (350471 bytes) Day2Site.JPG (288005 bytes) PurpleFlower2.JPG (804872 bytes) Day2Site1.JPG (788297 bytes) Day2SiteFromAfar.JPG (761533 bytes) ShootingStar.JPG (769842 bytes) Day2View.JPG (558545 bytes) Day2View3.JPG (500227 bytes) JenniferWatercolorNight2.jpg (257478 bytes)


The third day we hiked over Seven Up Pass to Granite Lake.  We took a long break at the top of the pass.

up7up.JPG (647845 bytes) SingleOrangeFlower.JPG (784785 bytes)  Jat7up.JPG (809280 bytes) YellowFlower.JPG (552873 bytes) 7UpPass.JPG (642508 bytes) Day3Trinity_Lake.JPG (567516 bytes) YellowFlowerClose.JPG (618446 bytes) Day3TrinityLake1.JPG (624425 bytes)


Our last night was at Granite Lake.

GraniteLake.JPG (569472 bytes)  GraniteLake1.JPG (611315 bytes)  GraniteLake2.JPG (604860 bytes)  JinGraniteL.JPG (492084 bytes)    GraniteLSite.JPG (535449 bytes) GraniteLSite1.JPG (595145 bytes) JenniferWatercolorGraniteLake.jpg (291858 bytes)


The fourth day was our hike out, back to the car.  Total trip was about 24 miles with about 16 hours on the trail.

Day3Bridge.JPG (915803 bytes)  Day3Waterfall.JPG (573621 bytes)

All pictures and watercolors copyright 2004 by Vincent and Jennifer Busam.