My Busam Ancestors

When I (Vincent A. Busam, b. 1943) was growing up, I was told that I was of German and English decent.  My great-grandfather Busam came over from Germany but no one knew from where or when.  This led to curiosity that remained mostly dormant until we decided to take the family to Europe during the summer of 1992.  So early in 1992, I started searching for information on my roots, hoping to be able to visit my great-grandfathers home town during our trip.

To make a long story short, I barely succeeded in finding out enough information before we left to get us to the right town.  And luck connected me with long-lost relatives.  We met Anton Busam (b. 1914) who was the keeper of the family tree.  On the tree was my great-grandfather!  Anton took us to the farm where my great-grandfather was born.  What luck!

Many thanks goes to the Morman Church's Family History Library.  They welcomed me with open arms.  Mircofilms of Catholic Church records both from Chicago and Germany gave me the information I needed.

Click here to see a copy of a letter that I took to Germany with me in the summer of '92.

Click here to see a report of my summer of '92 trip.

Click here to see a report of another trip I made in April of '96.

Click here to see my ancestry chart.

Click here to see part of family tree hand-drawn by Anton Busam (b. 1914) (102kb).

Click here to see picture of farmhouse where my great-grandfather was born (72kb).

Click here to see a map of the Oberkirch/Nussbach area (113kb).

Click here to see some pictures from Oberkirch (78kb).

Click here for information on Busam surnamed immigrants to the US pre-1900.